Myo Gesture Controlled Drone

In partnership with the Bretl Research Group and Myo, I designed a desktop based GUI that allows users to control their drones using electromyography, a technique that evaluates and records electrical activity from skeletal muscles. You can perform precise drone movements through the rotation of your wrist, arms, or palms. Learn More…



The Centurion Orbit Transfer Vehicle (OTV) was part of our Aerospace Engineering Senior Design project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is equipped with the latest technologies, including a nuclear thermal propulsion system. The structure weighs 89,000 kg and is capable of transporting cargo to Lagrange points L1 or L2. Learn More…


Picard and Kirk

The Picard and Kirk to Space high altitude balloon project was conducted in partnership with UIUC and Space for All, an organization dedicated to democratizing and advancing space exploration. We launched a payload with action figures of Star Trek captains, Picard and Kirk, in a high altitude weather balloon, reaching over 100,000 feet. Learn More…


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