About Me


Jay is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of FreeSkies, a Bay Area drone startup that is revolutionizing commercial drones, and a Business and Systems Integration Senior Analyst at Accenture, collaborating with the top Aerospace companies in the country working to implement leading edge technologies and helping clients achieve challenging performance optimization objectives.

Before arriving in the Bay Area, Jay was an undergraduate researcher with the Bretl Research Group at the University of Illinois experimenting with myoelectric control methods for quad-rotor aircraft. Jay has also worked abroad, first in Madrid, collaborating with Spanish engineers in improving nuclear fuel disposal methods, and second in France, exploring the European Aerospace Industry with engineers at Airbus, Rockwell Collins, Safron, and more.


Jay’s interests include photography, website design and development, emerging technologies, and traveling. He’s flown over 170,000 miles, completed 1 Round-the-World trip, and has visited 16+ countries and counting. He has jumped out of an AirForce Blackhawk Helicopter, broken into an Abandoned Worlds Fair park in Southern Spain, gambled with the big leagues at the Ritz Carlton in Macau, and meditated with Buddhist monks in the mountains of Japan.

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Pierre Nanterm (CEO of Accenture), Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), and Georg Friedrich (Prince of Prussia).

Media Appearances:
Discovery Channel (May 2012)
Smile Politely (August 2015)
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
Will-TV (September 2015)
Cozad New Venture Competition
SVIEF Beijing
Startup {Shark Tank} Showcase

Check out Jay’s Resume.



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