Hawking has landed!

This is sort of a late post, but the details and video had to be finalized.

After the Hawking launch, everything looked pretty well. The launch itself was pretty flawless and we expected the landing to be somewhere near Indianapolis. We never lost contact with the payload, but it overshot our predictions. The payload took us through Indiana and landed in the farm fields of Ohio, one of the longest flights in Space for All’s history.



We were curious as to why it was still transmitting data after it landed a few hours later, since there would be tracking interference from trees and other obstacles, only to realize that the payload had been stuck in a tree 60 feet above the ground. Spencer had arranged for a tree service to bring Stephen Hawking and the equipment down and has been retrieved.

unnamed (1)

You can follow our journey and watch our video online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEkgeA1kPFY.

For more information about Space for All and to check out some of our previous projects you can visit us online at www.SpaceforAll.org!

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