The $2 Bill

A couple months ago, I heard about an independent filmmaker named Casey Neistat who lived in New York city. He’s been hired by Nike and even Mercedes-Benz for marketing campaigns and has made some pretty amazing videos. He has been my inspiration in everything from photography to just simple innovations in his studio. A little while ago, I watched his $2 bill video (link below), and it motivated me to make a small change in my life. Following his example, I stopped by the bank and grabbed a few $2 bills. No matter what, handing over a $2 bill to someone, instantly makes their day. I’ve spent a few $2 bills, and without fail, it has either put  a smile on their face, or it has started a conversation. It is a simple change, but can make a big impact. I encourage all of you to stop by the bank, and grab a few 2$ bills. You never know when you might make someone’s day. Thanks Casey for the inspiration. You can find out more about Casey at Two Dollars Bills – by Casey Neistat:

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